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July 10, 2011


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About Isbjorg

Sun Jul 10, 2011, 6:58 AM

  • FULL NAME: Isbjörg.

  • MEANING: Isbjörg's mother, Esmerelle, met her real father somewhere in the Icewind Dale. Probably, in memory of that bitterly cold place which meant so much to her she gave such "glacial" name to her daughter. "Is" - Ice, "Björg" - defense. Her foster father and others called her "Björg". And only Bishop calls her "Is" because it makes her angry :giggle:

  • NICKNAME: Actually, no. But sometimes Bish calls her "Milady" .

  • ACTUAL AGE: 27-29 years old(means about 22 for half-elves).

  • RESIDENCE: Faerûn.

  • SPECIES: Half-elf.

  • GENDER: Female.

  • SEXUAL PREFERENCE: heterosexual (but she did an exception for the girl once ).

  • MARITAL STATUS: She has(had) a "boyfriend". Yes, that stubbled, gloomy ranger. Can't say more about her relationships, because I avoid spoilers.

  • KIDS: She has a daughter.

  • OCCUPATION: She spent several years in the Temple of Sune(Faerûnian Goddess of beauty and love), intended to be a Heartwarder like her mother. But then she understood it was not her way and left the temple, although she remained true to their faith. At present she leads a normal life. I mean 'normal' to adventurers.


  • HAIR COLOR: Honey-gold.

  • HAIR STYLE AND LENGTH: Waist length hair, with a fringe. Normally she braids her hair - it's more useful if you're an archer.

  • EYES COLOR: Dark-brown.

  • HEIGHT: 1,65 m.



  • SELF CARE: She is crazy about personal hygiene and her appearance. As a Sune-follower she simply must do it: "Keep your own body as comely as possible and as attractively displayed as situations warrant. Let hairstyle and clothing best suit your personal appearance, striving to stir and delight others who look upon you"..

  • FIRST IMPRESSION ON PEOPLE: "Aww, she must be so cute and innocent..."

  • SKIN COLOR: Very pale.

  • BODY TYPE/BUILD: She has fragile physique. It makes her closer to elven ancestors.

  • DEFAULT EXPRESSION: Smiling, slightly squinted.

  • PIERCINGS: Only earrings.

  • DESCRIBE THEIR VOICE: Her voice sounds a bit low with cat-like notes. She doesn't raise her voice even if she is angry. If she shouts (at inn's maids, for example), it means she is only a little annoyed. If she is really furious - she hisses, like a cat.

  • WEAPON OF CHOICE: long bow.


  • WHEN YOU FIRST MEET THEM: Like I said, she is always smiling, slightly squinted. You can't guess her true intentions.

  • AS YOU KNOW THEM BETTER (AND THEY LIKE YOU): She thinks how to better use you for her needs .

  • AS YOU KNOW THEM BETTER (AND THEY DISLIKE YOU): She will ignore you or mock at you until you die. Depends on her mood.

  • POSITIVE CHARACTERISTICS: Hmm... She is beautiful =D Iron will; charisma(is it positive if she uses this characteristic to fool people? ;). Diplomacy - you simple do what she wants and then ask yourself:"WTF I did it?". She always achieves her goal, by any means.

  • NEGATIVE CHARACTERISTICS: (Personally, I don't think these are negative characteristics, especially if we are talking about chaotic-neutral character, but if you ask...) She never acknowledges rules and laws, she cares only for her own wishes, there is only one law: "Because I want!", "Good" and "Evil" don't exist for her.

  • FAVORITE COLOR: Purple, dark crimson, black. But usually she wears green and brown colors(it suits more for ranger's life).



  • FAVORITE ELEMENT: Water(in ice and snow conditions).

  • FAVORITE FOOD: Strawberry, cherry.

  • HOBBIES: To make exquisite love :horny:

  • USUAL MOOD: Sarcastic.

  • DRINK/SMOKE/DRUG: She likes alcohol, but not as much as Bishop.

  • SOFT SPOT/VULNERABILITY: She is afraid of betrayal.

  • OPINION ON SWEARING: She is too chaotic for it.

  • MUSIC TYPE: Soft mandolin music.

  • COMFORTABLE TEMPERATURE: Not so cold and not so hot.

  • SLEEPING PATTERN: Depends on how busy was her day.

  • CLEANLINESS/NEATNESS: She is always very neat. Or at least she is trying (depending on the situation).


  • HOW DO THEY PASS TIME: Hunting, traveling with Bishop(in the past). Killing for money with one good-looking assassin at present(:blush:wooops... spoiler).

  • BIGGEST SECRET: They would not be secrets if I told them to you, would they?


  • FEARS: Betrayal.

  • DRUNK TYPE: She doesn't drink so much to be a some type.

  • DONE ANYTHING TO GET IN TROUBLE WITH THE LAW: OMG... Better to ask does she anything without trouble with the law :lmao:


  • DO THEY TAKE INITIATIVE: Of courrrse. But not always.

  • HOW DO THEY ACT: It depends on situation: sometimes slowly, sweet, sometimes dirty and almost rough. But always passionate :heart:

  • GENTLEMAN/LADYLIKE VS CLUMSY: she can be clumsy? I can't imagine!

  • TRUE LOVE VS TESTING DIFFERENT PEOPLE: "All you need is love! Love is all you need!". But nothing wrong with testing different people...


  • GO SLOW VS JUMP INTO: Again - it depends on situation and her mood .

  • WHAT KIND OF PRESENTS DO THEY BUY: She doesn't buy presents, she does some things which are better than any present for her beloved (I'm sure you understand).

  • TYPE OF KISSER: Licks before kissing...meow :meow:

  • DO THEY WANT KIDS: She didn't want. But she has one.

  • ARE THEY ROMANTIC: If so, she shows it very rare.

  • HOW ARE THEY IN BED: Ask Bishop and some other guy(spoiler) about it. They can tell you soooo many interesting things...

  • TOYS: No.

  • FETISHES: Hairy chest!

  • S+M: Hey, she is not a drow woman! :wtf:

  • GET JEALOUS EASY: Wellllll... I think yes. But she never shows it.

  • WIFE/HUBBY BEATER: She stabbed her  ex-"hubby" once. Not so seriously, of course. But it seems he started to respect her more. Of course, he is not afraid of her after that. He just liked the fact it was not an empty threat: she said and she did it.

  • MARRY FOR MONEY: No. There must be at least physical attraction.

  • FAVORITE POSITION: She likes be on top And... ahem... I already told too much ;)

  • OPINION ON SEX: According to her faith, sexual abstinence is a sin. :blush:

  • Playing: NWN2
Skin by weida34 (modified by Isbjorg)
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LegolasGoldy Featured By Owner Aug 26, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
Im confused is there a story? XD If here is i would love to read it!
Isbjorg Featured By Owner Aug 27, 2014
Only some few chapters. It's not finished. And I don't think it will be finished >.<
LegolasGoldy Featured By Owner Aug 27, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
Oh well i bet its wonderful either way! But thats okay!XD Have you written anything else? Oh and i love your art by the way! Its beautiful! I hope i can draw as good as you some day!
Isbjorg Featured By Owner Aug 27, 2014
Thanks so much =) 
Well, I more artist than writer =D 
LegolasGoldy Featured By Owner Aug 28, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
Im actually writing a fanfiction myself but i dont know if i will finish either , Im more of a artist too:D (Big Grin) I always draw elves but i havent posted any of my pictures on here :( (Sad)  Oh and i started reading your story On the Arrow Head and its really good!Love 
Isbjorg Featured By Owner Aug 28, 2014
Really? Thanks =) But seriously, it's just some scraps >.<
LegolasGoldy Featured By Owner Aug 29, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
Well i think its brilliant!Nuu 
Mossrygg Featured By Owner Feb 14, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Might just make a journal like this of one of my OCs! :)
Tiddlersoup Featured By Owner Sep 15, 2013
Hmmm, almost a contender for my Lorelei but I think Bishop would pick her over Is :P Lore might not be as pretty but she isn't so fussy sounding and she is more adventerous in bed.

Always good to see another Bishop fan haha. I played a frenzied berserker called Lore who is also one my main rp charries and she romanced Bishop :3
Isbjorg Featured By Owner Sep 15, 2013
You're dreaming :giggle:
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